Classical Pianist


Solo Recital in Wilp

Solo Recital in Bij Andreas


Pianist Shane van Neerden is a versatile musician, active in all ranges of the piano repertoire.

He has performed as a soloist, in chamber, and concerto settings in the U.S.A., the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Italy on renowned concert stages, in festivals, for the radio, and television


Photo credit: Marije van den Berg

“Very conscientious and focused.
Beautiful sound and concentration.”

- "Ralph van Raat on Shane’s performance of Schoenberg’s Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 11" -


Shane van Neerden - Liszt - Totentanz

“Shane is a very special guy. He is, next to an enormous musical and physical talent, able to immediately do what I ask of him. That doesn’t mean so much in itself, if you just blindly do what someone asks you to, but he can extremely quickly make it personal. Thus, he understands not only on a musical and intellectual level, that which I or the music asks of him, but also on an emotional level.”

– Frank Peters on the television program Podium Witteman –

“Shane van Neerden is an outstanding young pianist!” 

– Jan Wijn –

Photo credit: Marije van den Berg